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Endorsed many mayor Denominations and Fellowships, thousands of churches around the country rely on us as their trusted source for church advisory and education  As the #1 Christian Resource Center ZonaSacra.com has build the most comprehensive network to help churches and ministries like yours expand the impact of their dollar resources, save important time and energy, and to provide guarantees that churches would receive the very best value and highest quality in their purchases.


ZonaSacra.com  has grown into America’s leading and most recognized provider of quality companys and services to the  church and the Caribbean. By bringing together thousands of churches, ZonaSacra creates advantages in pricing, service, quality and guarantees that are simply not available to the individual church. ZonaSacra is the only non organization comitted to help you find exactly what you need free of charge.

There are many suppliers of goods and services to the church market and the difficulty comes in the ability of each individual church to sift the wheat from the chaff. Every year ZonaSacra.com assists thousands of churches in identifying and selecting the very best values in quality products and services. Because ZonaSacra stands behind you  your churches are assured they join the thousands of satisfied congregations and Christian leaders who attest to our commitment, ability and integrity.

Allow us to serve you by joining the many denominations and fellowships and the the  churches and ministries who use and endorse ZonaSacra.com.

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ZonaSacra offers only products that meet the highest quality standards in design, manufacturing, installation, service and style. Our preferred and exclusive strategic partners create values available only through ZonaSacra.

National contract pricing can save you 15%-75% on products and services. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales consultants can also help you save time and money by making the right decisions for your church.

We are 100% Commited to serve you the best way possible. USA, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St Johns, St. Croix and US Virgin Island